Friday, July 17, 2009

Gardening - Part 1

Oh, my! Summer's half over and I've only made one entry in my written gardening journal. Perhaps I'll do better with this online journal.

This is the State of the Garden as of today.

I pulled up all of my radish plants because they never turned into radishes. However, they did make large bunches of leaves with pretty white flowers. Bah! I grew these plants for food.

I have to figure out why the plants never produced radishes. Here are my theories. I planted them too late in the season. I did not thin them well enough. I had too much nitrogen in my soil. Too late now, I guess, because I just planted lima beans in the former radish spot.

Fool that I am, I took 1/3 of the leaves and made them into radish green soup. Too bad that no one in my family would eat it beside me.

Not to be outdone, I harvested the rest of the radish greens today. I stripped the leaves from the stems, and throughly washed the leaves. Then I blanched them for a few minutes in boiling water. I tossed them into iced water to cool them quickly, drained them and chopped them into small pieces.

Here's the trick. I'm freezing these cooked leaves to put into more soup. In the end, my family will be eating them after all. Victory!

Sssshhhh! It's our secret.

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